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International leadership foundation: Asian-American Entrepreneurship and Innovation Contest//源媒体

International leadership foundation: Asian-American Entrepreneurship and Innovation Contest//源媒体


Judging committee




On October the 4th, the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Committee of the International Leadership Foundation (ILF) held a Congressional Reception at Rayburn House Building, the Capital hill.


At the reception, the “2018 National Youth Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition”, which was title sponsored by ViiNet, had great success.  Two excellent teams showcased their projects and demonstrated the unique style of “future business leaders”. In support of this event, many Asian leaders came to share their experiences and expressed their expectations for the next generation of Asian Entrepreneurs.

The "ViiNet 2018 National Youth Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition" lasted for two months and received 15 projects from Washington, DC, Maryland, Virginia, New York, Illinois, Connecticut and Ohio. Five projects stood out after strict selections.

“EEG Tranquility” project from the Maxwell Yan's team won the first prize. They designed a small portable device that monitors brain waves to assist meditation. Maxwell believes his device has great market potential, and he plans to finance the project and enter the market.

The American Medial Advancement won the second prize. With unique medical industry experiences, they provide customized US medical system training and open a new source to cultivate medical talents for Asian hospitals and medical universities. They maintained a stable cooperative relationship with well-known Asian universities and hospitals such as Peking University School of Medicine. The project has been profitable since its inception and they plan to expand online users.

The third prize winner is also noteworthy. Two high school young ladies put cultural elements in a box and named it “Culture Box Project”.  They hope to take the opportunity to promote different cultures and said they will donate 30% of their income to Non-profit organizations to provide financial support for children in underdeveloped countries.

Many Asian leaders and successful entrepreneurs came to the event to support the next generation of Asian entrepreneurs, including: social activist Ms. Dong Jiling, Ms,Stephany Yu, Chairman of ViiNet, Nina Wang, Vice President of Shanghai Greencourt Group US, Ted Speaker John Lim etc . In her opening speech, Ms. Stephany Yu expressed the hope that the committee will continue to carry forward the spirit of Asian innovation and entrepreneurship and encourage the next generation to pass on the diligence and tenacity of Asians.

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