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 Special for winning teams of youth group


💰Gold Award: $1,000  💰Silver Award: $500  💰Bronze Award: $300  💰Best Popularity Award: $300



(1) Youth Group: High school students and younger

(2) Adult Group: open to all ages

(3) Participating team: 1-5 members each team

(4) Prize: each competition group will have 1 first prize, 2 second prizes, and 3 third prizes

(5) Award: winning teams will receive certificates and scholarship (only for Youth Group) as well as the opportunities to attend the ILF annual gala and to connect with business startup funds to meet with investors.


Registration fee is charged for this competition:

(1) Youth Group : 20 Dollars for one team

(2)Adult Group : 35 Dollars for one team

Training    PROGRAM

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See the page “Training Program” for details, please!

2021   Timeline

2021/7/2--8/27     online application open

You can form your own team, select projects, and write business plans.

2021/7--8    online training course

You are free to choose the course you like to study, or not to participate, everything follows the principle of voluntary. The training course has nothing to do with the final award.

2021/8/27    submit the application form

This is the deadline for you to submit the business plan.

2021/9/4       online presentation

Online roadshow of participating teams. It is a Saturday. Please arrange your time.

2021/10        Award Ceremony

Winners will receive corresponding trophies or bonuses.  You can attend the ceremony online.

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