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Our mission is to develop young leaders in the United States, Asia, and Pacific Rim countries in the fields of public service, entrepreneurship, international business and politics through a network of business and community leaders. In order to accomplish our missions, we provide training classes in all aspects about "How to run a successful business" and "What are prerequisites of a successful business". Also, we will update our lectures in year round with our strong advisors team. We engage groups of business owner and experts in different area to provide training classes to facilitate our young entrepreneurs. Lectures are offered in person and online, so people can access them whatever way they like.

2018 Training lectures include:

  1. Entrepreneurship & Business Development

  2. Business Operations & Management

  3. Supply Chain & Compliance

  4. Presentation & Public Speaking

  5. Venture Capital Pitch (Not Available)

2019 Training lectures include:

  1. Lessons From A Serial Entrepreneur

  2. Business Operation & Management Concepts

  3. Start Up Go To Market Strategy

  4. The Heart of Innovation: Business Incubators and Entrepreneurship

  5. Growth, Funding & Culture

2021 Training Program

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