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2020 ILF·Yuan

Asian-American Youth Entrepreneurship and Innovation Contest


Call for Business Plan

I. About the Contest

This contest aims to explore and foster innovative entrepreneurial talents of young Asian Americans, with the concept of “Pandemic changes the world, we change society” as the core, encourage the candidates to brainstorm in Policy innovation and technology innovation sides.


Policy Innovation: Discuss current major issues like Ethical issues, fiscal issues, mental health issues…etc. Provide suggestions from the policy side to help the government better improve our society.


Technology Innovation: Propose small innovations that can change people’s lifestyle during the pandemic.



II. How to Participate


All Asian Americans under 20 years old are eligible to participate as teams of up to 5 members each, at least one of team members must be an Asian American. No fees are charged. 


  1. Register online to require for the official application:

  2. Email and attach application form to

  3. Submit a Business plan in PDF format

Business Plan page limit: 10 pages

Business Plan Template Reference:

   4. Presentation.

The selected teams should prepare for Presentation and Second Round Judge Review

   5. Online Award Ceremony

* All projects must be original works.  The intellectual property rights of the entries belong to the participants. The organizer has the right to use the entries for promotion and publication (no technical details are involved). Any inventions, patents and other important related resources must be submitted with full legally authorized intellectual property owner's written authorization and patent certificate.




III. 2020 Time Line

           Online application open                              07.21.2020 - 09.07.2020

           Submit the application form                        09.07.2020

           1st Round: Submit Business Plan                09.30.2020

           2nd Round: Online Presentation                10.15.2020

           Online Award Ceremony                             10.30.2020








IV. Award


Winning teams will be awarded at the gala online, including Gold Award, Silver Award, Bronze Award, and Best Popularity Award. 


Award includes:

1.   Scholarship: 

💰Gold Award: $1,000

💰Silver Award: $500

💰Bronze Award: $300

💰Best Popularity Award: $300

2.   🤝Opportunity to interact with US government officials

3.   🎤Opportunity to connect with business startup funds

4.   📰Interview from media (Yuan Media YouTube channel/Yuan Media magazine/DMV local newspapers)


V. About the Organizer


2020 ILF·Yuan “Asian-American Youth Entrepreneurship and Innovation Contest” is an innovation and entrepreneurship contest initiated by the International Leaders Foundation (ILF) Entrepreneurship and Innovation Committee, hosted by Yuan Media, sponsored by ViiNet. 

International Leadership Foundation (ILF)

ILF is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that promotes the civic awareness, public involvement and economic effectiveness of the Asian Pacific American (APA) community. Its mission is to develop young leaders in the United States in the fields of public service, entrepreneurship and international arena through a network of business and community leaders. Its mission is accomplished through civic leadership training and support from the ILF’s network of 15 national and global advisory boards. Since 2000, ILF has provided scholarships and educational programs (ILF Civic Fellowship program, Young Ambassadors program, Youth Leadership Academy/Workshop) to over 7,000 students to cultivate the next generation of emerging leaders. 


Entrepreneurship and Innovation Committee

The ILF Entrepreneurship and Innovation Committee (the “Committee”) was founded in April 2018. The committee aims to forge entrepreneurship, innovation spirit, and leadership in the next generation of APA community through a network of business and community leaders. It seeks to fulfill three core missions: 


Yuan Media

Yuan Media is based in North Bethesda, Maryland. We provide news and in-depth reports on real estate, finance, politics, technology, local Asian gourmet to Chinese and English-speaking readers around the world. We disseminate information on multi-level platforms such as WeChat official account, Yuan website, Yuan App, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest and Blogger. 



VIINET Inc. is a Wealth Management FinTech Company with a team of experienced Chinese and U.S. professionals from real estate, finance and technology industries. Our clients and investors benefit from VIINET’s exclusive, streamlined services, including real estate investment, insurance management, retirement planning, and family office services. Currently, we have more than 4,000 registered members/sophisticated investors, most of which are high-net-worth clients from Mainland China, Hong Kong and the United States. VIINET utilizes big data and artificial intelligence for product and project evaluation incorporated with stringent due diligence procedures. VIINET is headquartered in Washington D.C. area with offices in New York City and Boston, and international offices in Shanghai and Hong Kong, which allows us to communicate directly and more effectively with our members/investors in both U.S. and China.

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