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Training PROGRAM

2023 Yes! Young Entrepreneurs Solutions :Business Plan Competition


Training Program

Workshop No.1 Inspiring Youth Innovation and entrepreneurship

➢▪Impacts that youth entrepreneurs can make to local society (several examples)

➢▪What are some characteristics of entrepreneurship?

➢▪How to get started with your goal/ ambition?


Workshop No.2 How to write a business plan?

➢▪What is the basic structure of a business proposal?

➢▪What components need to be included?

➢▪What aspects are managers looking for when they are reading a business plan?

◇▪How to make your plan more attractive and appealing to the manager?

➢▪What kind of language/ word that need to be included to make it sound more professional?


Workshop No.3 How to attract venture capital?

➢▪What are some strategies that you can use to help your business stand out from the crowd?


Workshop No.4 Previous participants panel 

➢▪How is the experience of working as a group to design a business plan?

➢▪What are some things that need to be mindful of when doing the competition?



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