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Training PROGRAM

2022 Young Entrepreneurs Solutions (YES) Contest


Training Program

Workshop No.1 Inspiring Youth Innovation and entrepreneurship

➢▪Impacts that youth entrepreneurs can make to local society (several examples)

➢▪What are some characteristics of entrepreneurship?

➢▪How to get started with your goal/ ambition?


Workshop No.2 How to write a business plan?

➢▪What is the basic structure of a business proposal?

➢▪What components need to be included?

➢▪What aspects are managers looking for when they are reading a business plan?

◇▪How to make your plan more attractive and appealing to the manager?

➢▪What kind of language/ word that need to be included to make it sound more professional?


Workshop No.3 How to attract venture capital?

➢▪What are some strategies that you can use to help your business stand out from the crowd?


Workshop No.4 Previous participants panel 

➢▪How is the experience of working as a group to design a business plan?

➢▪What are some things that need to be mindful of when doing the competition?


Organizer:  Future Reimagined Initiative (FRI)


Future Reimagined Initiative (FRI) is a non-profit, non-government organization that focus on supporting the next generation in education. 

The pandemic brings the new generations with challenges and opportunities. In this changing environment, education is evolving in multiple ways. At Future Reimagined Initiative (FRI), the youth generation will get a chance to share thoughts and insights with professionals from different industry. Through events held by FRI, everyone has an opportunity to learn and get inspired to create solutions for the world.



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