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Jeffrey Yang


Break Time


Currently, there is only one product out on the market which claims it has an “automatic” bicycle braking system. However, it never truly articulates how its automatic braking system works, nor does it even inform the users of the true functionality of the automatic system. Furthermore, it does not have a camera/ra dar system on the bicycle and lacks a filming mechanism to record any accidents that may occur. Clearly, the cycling industry currently lacks a full-functioning automatic braking system that serves the purpose of protecting the countless cyclists on the roads. ​ With my innovative product, it will greatly enhance safety in the bicycle industry. The video and emergency brake system can be automatically turned on or off based on the surroundings of the cyclist. The Bicycle Auto Stopper will be easy to install and safe to use. This new addition to the market will benefit millions of cyclists and with this self-sustaining and powerful system; it will quickly become a staple to the modern day bicycle.

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