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Erica Zuo, Anika Huang, Mandy Wu, Lucas Talon


Fluorescent Hoodies: Safety When Sharing the Road


Thermal hoodies are powered by body heat produced from the pedestrian. It provides a subtle glow but it’s not too great so it stand out on the dark road but does not draw the attention completely away from the driver. This hoodie would be a step in the advancement of technology utilizing thermodynamics in everyday use. ​ In order to make these hoodies powered by thermal heat energy a few simple products would be needed. Fluorescent dye and a material to make the hoodie would be all needed to create this product. The fluorescent dye would be added to the hoodie so that when the heat energy from your body comes into contact with the dye the electrons in the dye absorb the energy causing the electron to jump a level in its structure. The shift in structure for the electron will cause it to emits a certain glow. The more heat energy emitted from your body, The more levels the electrons jump, meaning the hoodie will glow more. It is powered by a sustainable energy source and is a step forward towards pedestrian safety. ​ Right now, too many deaths are being caused by miscommunication of the driver and the walkers. In order for the two to share the road safely, some action must be taken. Many people turn towards the driver and there are extensive driving safety classes that warn about pedestrians. Despite these efforts, the rates of fatalities are rapidly increasing. Although our proposal is to help pedestrians by offering them a stylistic hoodie that warns drivers of the people on the road. With your support, we would be able to increase road safety and decrease fatalities.

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