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Third Place


Sirui Xue, Carina Guo


Boxes of Culture


"We are Carina Guo and Sirui “Iris” Xue, and we are high school freshmen in pursuit of solvency for problems that plague societies around the world. We have experience creating websites not only for personal purposes, but also to find solvency for global issues like energy efficiency and homele ssness. We also have a background of working with people of different ages and cultures. The mission of our newest project, Boxes of Culture, is to inform customers of the many cultures of the world and support the poor children in those countries. Our website will have a variety of choices for the customers. One option is that the customer can choose a country, and we will ship them a box that contains a t-shirt, bracelet, and postcard. The t-shirt will have a design based on the elements of the country, the bracelet will be of the colors of the country’s flag, and the postcard will contain phrases in the language of the country as well as a fact sheet about the country and its culture. The other option is that the customer can choose to have a box of a random culture shipped to them instead. ​ For each box that is bought, we will donate 30% of our profit to the poor children from that country. This money will be utilized to buy school supplies and meals and bolster education for those that do not have it as readily available as we do. Although there are existing companies who sell things and use their profits to donate to kids, our project not only does this, but also educates customers to learn about the culture of the country that they are donating to. This provides an opportunity for more interactive and immersed participation in cultural diversification that other companies lack. It could also potentially increase the customers’ desire to buy the product as there is a greater cause than just improving themselves -they would be helping people around the world as well. ​ The way that we would divide the market is by focusing on those that also share our vision-a world where the people are more culturally educated and diverse. This would include younger age groups as many youthful people share dreams of making the world a better place. It would also include people of different races and cultures, like immigrants or the descendants of immigrants.We would also seek customers from non-profit organizations focused on cultural diversity, like the Cultural Diversity Foundation."

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