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Frank Horrigan, Sabrina Su, Jennifer Li, Jack Yang




“CommunicAsian is a corporation providing an event planning and organizing website dedicated to serving the Asian American community in the Washington-Metropolitan area. We plan to provide a platform for different local event organizers around the area who want to host an event to advertise it. We have our website at, where organizers can sign up for free and post their events and contact information, allowing anyone to sign up for these events. Our website is user-friendly, allowing people to view the events in calendar form, as well as sort by date, location, and event descriptions. The service will be completely free, with no fees for the organizers nor the users. We plan to partner with local Asian organizations in order to jump start our business and attract more organizers to use our website and hope to expand beyond the D.C. region and service Asian-Americans across the United States in the future.”

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