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Heather Lin, Samuel Lin


Almond Robotics - (Hello Robot!”)


(“Hello Robot!”) - a fun, inexpensive, and educational robotics kit - provides a low entry barrier to exposure of robotics, with a long-term goal to encourage a lifelong passion for STEM.
“Our goal is for educators to be able to buy our kits in bulk and distribute the kits in a manner where students can collaborate freely. The (“Hello Robot!”) robotics kit is aiming to sow the seeds of the robotics concepts in student’s early years, inspire them to use those concepts to create their own things in the digital world. The rather simple and common materials used in the kit can help to bring the engineering concepts in their daily life. The (“Hello Robot!”) program was launched in 2017 and has been running for two years. Currently, over 500 (“Hello Robot!”) kits have been distributed. The company has been seeing success and has gained a total income of $2575. Each kit sold earns a total profit of $0.75.”

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