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Christina Wang, Miranda Xiong, Raymond Luo, Arthur Hu, Eric Chen


Wild Way Pro Technologies


WildWayPro (WWP) is a start-up company whose mission is to design and develop solutions to address the human-wildlife conflict. WWP plans to design and release new products in multiple phases, each targeting a specific wildlife safety area. The first three products, GratePlus™, GreenGrate™ and WildWayWarning™, aim to provide quick, proactive and cost-effective solutions for wildlife animals that cross streets in urban areas or interstate highways.
---- “The GratePlus™ is a weather-resistant, stainless steel net that can be latched onto existing grates as an add-on item to provide a safer way for small animals. The GreenGrate™ changes the existing grate products currently manufactured in market by adding indentations on the upper surface of the grate. GreenGrate™will be licensed to manufacturers for next-generation grates that have wildlife safety feature added. WildWayWarning™, is a solar-powered detection and warning device that alerts drivers of incoming animals, particularly at night or in dim light zones. Unlike commonly used detecting devices, WildWayWarning™ is designed to be activated by both motion and infrared sensor combined. When activated, the WildWayWarning™ device flashes to alert drivers to the presence of animals on or near the road.”

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