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Gold Award


Daniel Mitchell, Anbo Li




Our business, Ryuo, is a productivity software company founded by two friends Anbo Li and Daniel Mitchell in Rockville, Maryland.​ Our motto is ​“​It is time to seize the day”​ which symbolizes our beliefs as a company and what we hope to instill upon our customers. ​Currently, we are developing a revolutionary AI-driven app named ​Timesaver.​ The purpose of this app is to help people better manage their time and break out of the monotonous rhythm of quarantine life. Users will plug in the activities that they need to accomplish, a time frame, and then rank the tasks based on priority and difficulty into the app. With these factors in mind, our patented AI algorithm will process this information and come up with the most efficient schedule to tackle each of these activities. Afterwards, the app will ask the user how long they actually spent doing each activity and if they finished everything they wanted to do. This realistic survey data is fed into the AI algorithm so it can better adapt to the user and generate even more efficient schedules tailored to the users results. Our target audience includes older students and young working professionals in the workplace.

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